BBunny charas

Below is the list of characters from Bunny Black. Characters are categorized by their in-game role.

Main Character Edit

Darx Edit

The protagonist. He and his party manage to reach the Overlord Fozerotte, but was killed. Fozerotte resurrected him and turned him into a new minion.

Allies Edit

Shia Edit

A member of Darx's party that reached the Overlord. She has no other choice but to live with Darx. (Definitely has Stockholm syndrome towards Darx LOL)

Merrill Edit

One of Fozerotte's minions. Mentors Darx.

Ekate Edit

Half-succubus Overseer. Very powerful.

Forzerotte Edit

The Sexiest bitch ever

Goran Edit

A formal Overseer.

Tojo Edit

A friendly Overseer.


Gyungyuska Company's representative. Provides Darx with missions and equipment.

Maki Edit

Darx's neighbor. Befriends her quite early.

Liz Edit

Friend of Maki. Befriends Darx a little later.

Enemies Edit

Cass Edit

A female adventurer out to kill Darx.

John Edit

A adventurer who's also Darx's brother.

Dorothy Edit

A adventurer witch.

Tatsumaki Edit

A samurai.

Roger Marco Edit

A bookworm.

Ayaka Edit

A miko looking for someone strong enough to solve her problem.