Here are frequently asked questions (F.A.Q) for Bunny Black 2:

Questions and Answers (Q&A) Edit

Q: I haven't played the first Bunny Black. Do I need to finish it before playing Bunny Black 2?
A: It is encouraged. But since there were some brief explanations in the prologue, you most likely already get any necessary information covered.

Q: What will be carried for New Game+?
A: Carried:

  • Money
  • Items
  • Castle's Level
  • Generic units that survived till the end of the previous playthrough
Not carried:
  • Darks' level, attributes, and skills
  • Unique units' level, attributes, and skills

Q: How to get the key to green doors?
A: You need to trigger Dorothy's event by facing closed green door in the southwest part of the level with a lot of closed doors.

Q: How to find Urtinia?
A: After seeing an event about Ordeus arriving, new purple enemy appears on the lowest floor of dungeon "Road of Light" (光の道). This enemy must be defeated to proceed further. If your game crashes, consider upgrading the game version to 1.02 if it isn't already.

Q: After entering fire commander dungeon, my game crashed. Is there a way to avoid this?
A: Set your Date and Time formats to Japanese via Control Panel