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Bunny Black 3
バニーブラック 3
Bunny Black 3


Version 1.10
Developer(s) Softhouse Chara
Publisher(s) Softhouse Chara
Release Date June 21, 2013
Genre(s) 3D Dungeon RPG,
Town-management Simulation
Mode Single Player
Age Rating(s) 18+
Platform(s) PC
Price ¥8800

¥9240 (tax included)


Bunny Black 3 (バニーブラック 3) is a 3D dungeon role-playing and town-management simulation game, developed and published by Softhouse Chara for Windows platform. It is the 19th installment of Softhouse Chara games.

Gameplay Edit

Main articles: System, Expedition, Facilities, and Skills

Bunny Black 3 primarily retains the basic dungeon-crawl and RPG elements that its predecessors used, with a few minor changes and revisions. One feature that is newly added to the installment is the town-management system.

Complete dungeons and build a prosperous town are the main objectives. There are 4 kind of resources that prove to be vital for the town's well-being, namely workers/residents, foods, money, and materials; all of which can be found by exploring dungeons, "expedition" by the game's term, or by building certain complementary facilities.

Story Edit

Main article: Characters

After marrying the Maou (Demon King), the adventurer Darks became the Maou himself. One day, while he was doing his job, an observer with the name, Mcdoll, came from the demon world. She deemed his abilities to be insufficient and ordered him to build a town to prove himself. It was an arduous task, but with the help of his numerous wives, daughters and other girls, and his deep desire to do it for them, he was determined to get the job done. However, with interferences coming from resistance forces and conspiracies from the heavens, will he be able to succeed?

System Requirements Edit

System requirements are as follows:

Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7/8 64 bit (recommended)
CPU Pentium III 1.2 GHz (minimum) | Dual Core 1.8 GHz (recommended)
Hard drive 2.9 GB free space (minimum) | 4.1 GB free space (recommended)
Memory 512 MB RAM (minimum) | 2 GB RAM (recommended)
Resolution 1280x720
Graphics hardware Supports Directx 9.0c or higher
Intel HD Graphics or higher
Nvidia Geforce FX series or later
Ati Radeon X300 or later
Video memory 128 MB VRAM (minimum)
512 MB VRAM (recommended)

Promotional Trailer Edit

BUNNYBLACK 3 - デモムービー

BUNNYBLACK 3 - デモムービー

Title   DICE
Vocal   Inoue Miyu and Kisaki Mya
Lyric   Inoue Miyu
Arranger   Akizuki Kaoru
Composer   Akizuki Kaoru

Trivia Edit

  • Bunny Black 3 is the first Softhouse Chara game that supports 1280x720 resolution.

  • Much like its predecessors, Bunny Black 3 shares the same setting with Suzukuri Dragon, Ohzoku, and Wizard's Climber.

  • Bunny Black 3 is the first Bunny Black game that doesn't give a game over upon getting swept in dungeons. Instead, it is only a game over if the player fails to reach required total materials, foods, and funds, before deadline.

    • Generic units that die during expeditions won't be gone permanently. Instead, they have to wait 3 turns to recover and are able to rejoin the party anytime after that.

  • One of the items in-game is named after the Suigen clan from Shinobi Ryuu.

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