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Skill Points (SP) are earned from fighting enemies during expeditions or gaining level-ups. The stronger the monsters are, the higher SP they will give. While it is a good idea to be conservative with SP, like saving it till the respective unit unlocks more powerful skills, it is better to keep all units equipped with certain skills - no matter how much it is lacking in terms of power - to increase their survivability. Considering the levels of enemies scale with the storyline events, SP will not be a problem even in late-game.

Skills Edit

Slash (斬) Edit

Name English Energy SP Cost Effect Comment
剣撃 Sword Attack 0 2
狙い斬り Sure Kill 3 4 High hit rate

Strike (打) Edit

Name English Energy SP Cost Effect Comment

Ranged (射) Edit

Status Ailment (異常系) Edit

Fire (火) Edit

Water (水) Edit

Earth (土) Edit

Wind (風) Edit

Thunder (雷) Edit

Light (光) Edit

Dark (闇) Edit

Non-attribute (無) Edit

Recovery (回復系) Edit

Backup Skills Edit