Version 1.10
Developer(s) Softhouse Chara
Publisher(s) Softhouse Chara
Release Date March 27 2009
Genre(s) Survival, SLG
Mode Single Player
Age Rating(s) 18+
Platform(s) PC
Price ¥8800

¥9240 (tax included)


Daisounan is a survival simulation game, developed and published by Softhouse Chara for Windows platform.

Gameplay Edit

Story Edit

In the future, when interplanetary travel has become common, a spaceship accident leaves 9 people trapped on an unexplored planet.

The survivors have to find a way to escape the planet, which in the worst case might only be possible for two of them, while the rest are left behind, battling the Fauna and Flora of the planet (and possibly each other).

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System Requirements Edit

System requirements are as follows:

Operating system Windows 2000/XP/Vista
CPU Pentium II 400 MHz (minimum) | Pentium III 700 MHz (recommended)
Hard drive 1.1 GB free space (minimum) | 1.8 GB free space (recommended)
Memory 128 MB RAM (minimum) | 256 MB RAM (recommended)
Resolution 800x600

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