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Possessing certain supporting skills will really help in a long run. Skills in general are learned naturally, as in from repetitive daily activities like for examples; exploration and engaging in conversations with fellow survivors. There are also a few skills that generate additional options in Survival Actions.

Skills Edit

Available skills are listed in the following table. P (Points) is the amount of skill point needed to unlock respective skill in the beginning of new game+. Please refer to Survival Actions when in need of further details regarding available actions.

Skill English P Description How to Get
美貌 Attractive 3 Improves success rate of conversations Engage in conversations
口八丁 Eloquent 4 Superior version of Attractive Engage in conversations
詐欺師 Trickster 5 The highest of conversational skills Engage in conversations
司会進行 Moderator 4 Improves success rate of winning debate Vote on winning proposal during meeting
発言操作 Speaker 5 Superior version of Moderator Vote on winning proposal during meeting
人心掌握 Motivator 6 The highest of argument skills Vote on winning proposal during meeting
山の人 Man of Mountain 6 Improves productivity and reduces any damages taken at hunting Converse with Mama
海の人 Man of Sea 6 Improves productivity and reduces any damages taken at fishing Converse with Mama
畑の人 Man of Field 6 Improves productivity and reduces any damages taken at harvesting Converse with Mama
罠師 Trap Master 7 Allows the usage of traps within the residential areas
幸運 Lucky 4 Improves efficiency of exploration and survival rate Engage in explorations
強運 Potent Luck 5 Superior version of Lucky Engage in explorations
神運 Godly Luck 6 The highest of fortune skills Engage in explorations
探偵の目 Detective Eyes 5 Easier to discover what is hidden Converse with Ojou and Mama
忍の心得 Ninja Knowledge 5 Expert at hiding stuffs
蛇足知識 Resourceful 6 Provides chance of obtaining secret information
情報分析 Information Analyst 7 Improves efficiency of obtaining information
基礎体力 Physical Fitness 7 Increases action point at day and night by 1 Move a lot
元気印 Healthy 6 Increases action point at day by 1
夜行性 Nocturnal 6 Increases action point at night by 1 Converse and explore together with Pony
戦闘訓練 Combat Training 5 Reduces damages taken during fight Fight with Ojou
危険察知 Perceptive 5 Randomly dodges opponent's attack during fight Fight with Hime
武術心得 Martial Arts Knowledge 5 Unlocks "Fight" option in conversation menu Engage in fighting
刃物取扱 Knife Expert 5 Increases combat ability Converse with Doctor
銃器取扱 Firearms Expert 5 Improves accuracy during hunt
悪食 Akujiki 4 Improves the energy gained from eating foods
生命力 Vitality 6 Increases max HP Converse with Ojou
野生 Wild 4 Reduces negative effects of hungriness. In addition, increases action point by 1 during fine weather
医療 Medic 7 Able to perform medical treatment Converse with Doctor
料理 Chef 7 Improves efficiency of cooking Converse with Pony or Mama
大工 Carpenter 7 Improves efficiency of repairing facilities
発明家 Inventor 5 Able to invent tools
再利用 Reuse 5 Able to make something out of junks Make good friend with Mama
航海術 Navigator 5 Improves chance of escaping successfully Converse with Maid
破壊魔 God of Destruction 3 Becomes good at destroying and creating things Converse with Maid
生産者 Manufacturer 5 Becomes good at destroying and creating things
小動物 Small Animal(?) 3
お願い Inquirer 3
調停者 Mediator 2 Able to ease arguments
お笑い Comedian 2 Makes difficult to be hated by others