Supply wagons are your primary source of healing abilities and buffs. Cheap, but highly useful. Therefore, it's encouraged to have at least one supply wagon in two or three parties to keep your units recuperated throughout consecutive battles.

While it's possible to have supply wagons attack opponents and assume offensive stance, it's not recommended to do so due to its lacking mobility, speed, durability, and offensive capabilities. As previously stated, supply wagons' main role in battles are to provide support to more offensively-capable ally units. Keep them far and protected from the enemies' reach.

Stats Edit

Physical defense and magic defense are listed as P. Def, and M. Def, respectively.

Supply Wagon
Rank HP Move Speed Morale P. Def M. Def Cost
F 2000 2 15 60 10 0 10
E 2500 2 17 62 10 0 20
D 3000 2 19 64 10 0 25
C 3500 2 21 66 10 0 30
B 4000 2 23 68 10 0 35
A 5000 2 25 70 10 0 40
S 6000 2 27 72 10 0 45

Skills Edit

Note that initial skills are marked with bold.

Active skills
Skill Supply Wagon
Brawl F
Scold D
Motivate C
Heal F
Great Heal D
Emergency Heal B
Passive skills
Skill Supply Wagon
Godly Sword Stance S
Godly Wall Stance S
Godly Speed Stance S
Charisma with Soldiers B
Charisma with Warriors A
Charisma with Heroes S
Hero's Trick A
Tactician's Trick A
Weakling's Trick F
Iron Will S
Formation of the Knowledgeable B
Formation of the Wise A
Formation of the Dead S
Formation of the Turtle Shell B
Formation of the Rock Wall A
Formation of the Iron Mountain S
Formation of the White Tiger A
Formation of the Vermilion Bird A
Formation of the Azure Dragon A
Formation of the Black Tortoise A
Formation of the Phoenix S
Formation of the Wind S
Conserver S
Conqueror S
Manager S
Learner C
Researcher A
Tactician S
Cut S

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