Kaitou charas

Characters are divided by 3 categories; main characters, rival characters, and others.

Main Characters Edit

Tomoe (巴) Edit

Kamiuta Tomoe
Name Kamiuta Tomoe
Japanese 神歌 巴
CV Shinohara Yumi
When she was little, Tomoe was sold by her parents as a payment for their debts.

As a thief, she is rather clumsy, also lacking stamina and physical abilities to keep up with her more athletic partner, Mirai. However, what she lacks in muscles, she makes it up with her intelligence.

Mirai (ミライ) Edit

Mikasa Mirai
Name Mikasa Mirai
Japanese 三笠 ミライ
CV Hoshizaki Iria

Zenshirou (善四郎) Edit

Kurookina Zenshirou
Name Kurookina Zenshirou
Japanese 黒翁 善四郎
CV -

Rivals Edit

Maid (メイド) Edit

Thief Maid
Name Thief Maid
Japanese 怪盗メイド
CV Fujimura Suzuka

Shinobi (シノビ) Edit

No 1004525
Name No. 1004525
Japanese 1004525号
CV Momoya Minami

Erythron (エリュトロン) Edit

Name Magical Girl Erythron
Japanese 魔女っ娘エリュトロン
CV Aoyama Yukari

Ragdoll (ラグドール) Edit

Name Ragdoll
Japanese ラグドール
CV Shindou Mayumi

Others Edit

Ruru (瑠流) Edit

Yamahino Ruru
Name Yamahino Ruru
Japanese 山日野 瑠流
CV Oonami Konami