Shinobi Ryuu


Version 1.01
Developer(s) Softhouse Chara
Publisher(s) Softhouse Chara
Release Date December 18, 2009
Genre(s) SLG
Mode Single Player
Age Rating(s) 18+
Platform(s) PC
Price ¥8800

¥9240 (tax included)


Shinobi Ryuu (忍流) is a ninja-management simulation game, developed and published by Softhouse Chara for Windows platform.

Gameplay Edit

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Shinobi Ryuu is a simulation game that focuses on managing hired ninjas as well as their village. Throughout the events in-game, player may choose to serve Lord of their wish. It is the 14th installment of Softhouse Chara games.

To complete the game, player must either defeat rival clan or help the Lord to conquer all of the lands.

Story Edit

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The setting is Sengoku era.

In the east island country constantly stricken with wars, multiple ninja clans maneuvering in the background exists.One of them, the Suigen clan, started to weaken and its collapse is imminent. Leading that clan is the protagonist. Although his skill as a ninja is practically nothing, his management abilities and his capability to make enemy women betray their clan is top-notch.

With him at the helm, he plans to revive the clan and makes strenuous effort to subdue the wars.

Opening Video Edit

忍流 Shinobi Ryu OP HD

忍流 Shinobi Ryu OP HD

Title   夜に飛ぶ龍
Romaji   Yoru ni Tobu Ryuu
Vocal   Hiura Masako
Lyric   Akizuki Kaoru
Arranger   Akizuki Kaoru
Composer   Akizuki Kaoru

System Requirements Edit

System requirements are as follows:

Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7 64 bit (recommended)
CPU Pentium II 400 MHz (minimum) | Pentium III 700 MHz (recommended)
Hard drive 0.8 GB free space (minimum) | 1.9 GB free space (recommended)
Memory 128 MB RAM (minimum) | 256 MB RAM (recommended)
Resolution 800x600

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