Suigen Clan

Characters are divided by their affiliation; Suigen clan, Taki clan, Fuka clan, Yazuki clan, and Kurutaki.

Suigen (水玄衆) Edit

Once a glorious clan, Suigen has weakened considerably in recent years, almost leading to its extinction. However, with the addition of Kagetora and Suiren, the clan is on the road to complete revival.

Kagetora Edit

Kagetora mini
             CV: -

Protagonist. Known as "Kage Oni", one of the 4 Oni of Suigen clan. He doesn't have the talent necessary to be a proficient ninja, but his management skills and his ability to entice female opponents to betray their clan are top-notch.

Suiren Edit

Suiren mini
             CV: Aoyama Yukari

Known as "Sen Oni", one of the 4 Oni of Suigen clan. Suiren serves as Kagetora's bodyguard. She is feared by the enemies because of her prowess in combats. However, she is better off in solo missions than in group battles.

Hayate Edit

Hayate mini
             CV: Ichijou Hikaru

Known as "Gatsu Oni", one of the 4 Oni of Suigen clan. In charge of assassinating traitors and enforce rules within the clan. He was among the first to notice Kagetora's talents.

Onimatsu Edit

Onimatsu mini
             CV: Kontsu

Known as "Metsu Oni", one of the 4 Oni of Suigen clan. Usually disguised as a merchant to collect information throughout the land. Along with Hayate, Onimatsu was among the first to notice Kagetora's talents.

Taki (多木衆) Edit

A ninja clan located in the neighboring region of Suigen. Taki clan view Suigen as a rival, but not their equal.

Hotaru Edit

Hotaru mini
             CV: Udaka Naru

Hotaru is the leader of a team that is sent by Taki clan with purpose to attack Suigen. Due to her fairly low position in the hierarchy within Taki, Hotaru is undervalued by her peers despite of her good abilities.

Fuka (風花党) Edit

A ninja clan located in the eastern corner of the land. They have significant power, but are not looking to expand their influence beyond the region.

Matsurika Edit

Matsurika mini
             CV: Manaka Umi

Matsurika is the leader of Fuka clan. Everyone looks up to her because of her reliability and prowess in both academic and skills, which inevitably draws the line separating herself and her sister, Sekka.

Sekka Edit

Sekka mini
             CV: Matsunaga Yuki

Sekka is Matsurika's sister. She has inferiority complex because of her childlike body and behaviors, which often leads to her getting teased and compared to well-endowed and more reliable Matsurika.

Yazuki (夜月衆) Edit

One of the oldest and reputable ninja clans. With war between daimyo (feudal lords) erupting within the land, Yazuki clan remain active behind the scenes.

Hiya Edit

Hiya mini
             CV: Aoi Hikaru

Hiya is a ninja of Yazuki clan, known to possess excellent abilities in combats. However, she has a bad habit of only prioritizing work that she likes or piques her interests. Loves to eat and sleep.

Otoya Edit

Otoya mini
             CV: Harada Tomotaka

Otoya is the leader of Yazuki clan. On the contrary to his eccentric appearance, he actually has a strong personality fitting those with leadership responsibility. His interest lies in ceramic arts.

Kurutaki (久留滝家) Edit

A small beastkin family of feudal lords located in the east. They have high combat strength, but weak politically, which makes them a target of other feudal lords.

Kurutaki Sakura-hime Edit

Sakura-hime mini
Kurutaki Sakura-hime
             CV: Kasuga Ann

Princess Sakura is the daughter of the head of Kurutaki House. She is pretty naive and innocent in nature, making her unaware of the situation around her most of the times.

Takazaki Mitaka Edit

Mitaka mini
Takazaki Mitaka
             CV: Hoshizaki Iria

Mitaka is the daughter of one of Kurutaki House's officials, serving Sakura-hime faithfully. While skilled with swords, she knows next to nothing about politics. She is a tough warrior and known to be resilient.