Below is the list of courses in Shinobi Ryuu.

Training Courses Edit

Cost is the amount of money needed per turn, assuming the course is checked. Conditions listed are the requirements to unlock the courses.

Training Translation Cost Effect Note(s) Condition(s)
走り込み Sprint 10 STR up Sprinting is an efficient way to enhance physical strength and endurance. However, muscles overexertion can be dangerous for the body. Take precautions! Initial training
長距離走 Long-distance run 20 STR up+ Aim to considerably enhance physical strength and endurance by running long distance. Not recommended for beginners. Don't forget to stay hydrated.
岩運び Rock Training 30 STR up++ Build muscles and gain strength by lifting rocks.
Pay attention to your condition and don't get overboard.
Place a "Rock" in the village
穴掘り Hole Digging 40 STR up+++ Digging holes is more difficult than it sounds. Skilled hole diggers will earn good reputation among their peers. Don't forget to fill the holes back to prevent accidents.
平心 Calm Mind 10 WILL up Enhance willpower by remaining calm all the time. Don't let the emotions get affected by anything. Initial training
瞑想 Meditation 20 WILL up+ Enhance willpower by relaxing oneself and achieve solace.
Don't fall asleep!
滝行 Waterfall Training 30 WILL up++ Enhance willpower by standing under the waterfall. It may not look so, but it is actually pretty difficult. Don't do it alone. Place a "Pond" in the village
無心 Inner Tranquility 40 WILL up+++ Enhance willpower by emptying one's heart, free of disturbances. Not as easy as it sounds.
術勉強 Technique Lesson 20 TECH up Understanding techniques requires a great deal of learning. Pay attention in classes! Initial training
術体験 Technique Practice 30 TECH up+ The best way to learn techniques is to use them first-hand!
術解析 Technique Analysis 40 TECH up++ Analyzing techniques requires great concentration.
One might find ideas for creating new techniques by using the analyzed skills as basis.
術創作 Technique Creation 50 TECH up+++ To create new techniques, one must possesses deep knowledge, experience, and solid determination.
組手 Sparring 20 COM up Perform combat training in pairs. If your partner is not available, try your best to find another one! Initial training
乱取 Free-style Practice 30 COM up+ Enhance combat abilities by getting attacked by one opponent after another. People who don't know what's happening, might mistake it for bullying.
模擬戦 Mock Combat 40 COM up++ Perform combative actions without intent to harm.
Let's take it seriously so we are not going to be caught off-guard in real battles!
ホタル戦 Fight Hotaru 50 COM up+++ A mock fight against one of the most-skilled shinobi, Hotaru. It's a great learning experience. Hotaru joins Suigen
決闘 Duel 60 COM up++++ Serious combat. We go back to being friends after this, right? Isn't it convenient? Hey... what are you doing!?
戦闘工夫 Combat Planning 50 STR up++
COM up++
Enhance combat instincts and abilities by devising combat plans. Refrain from thinking of weird things!
水蓮戦 Fight Suiren 75 STR up+++
COM up+++
A mock fight against one of the Four Demons, Suiren.
By the way, Suiren doesn't know the meaning of "easy", and she doesn't plan to learn it.
Suiren joins
読書 Reading Books 20 KNOW up Books are the sources of knowledge.
But you still shouldn't read them during work!
Initial training
先人知識 Ancestors' Knowledge 30 KNOW up+ Knowledge possessed by our ancestors is abundant. Let's learn from their stories as much as possible!
写本 Manuscripts Writing 40 KNOW up++ Writing down whatever you learn is one of the best methods to further one's understanding regarding the subjects. Neatly-written manuscripts are valued higher than the originals.
長老のお世話 Elderly Care 50 KNOW up+++ Those thin shadows in our clan are our elders. They can share many useful things if you take care of them.
知識体験 Practical Knowledge 60 KNOW up++++ Make use of the knowledge by applying it to real-life situations.
創作本 Writing Books 70 KNOW up+++++ Writing books confirms the depths of one's knowledge.
戦研究 War Research 20 CUN up Study the past wars to understand their strategies. To win future wars, one must learn from the past. It's good for those who are still inexperienced in real battles. Initial training
人間観察 Observation 30 CUN up+ Observe individuals to uncover their secret plots. There might be some skilled enemy shinobi disguised as civilians.
戦術思索 Strategic Mind 40 CUN up++ Enhance one's strategic instinct by learning various kind of strategies for any situations. Try to make use of them as they will be useless otherwise.
戦略構想 Strategic Insights 50 CUN up+++ Look deeper into various kind of strategies and analyze the methods behind them. With such understanding, one will be able to create stunning strategies of their own.
金棒入門 Kanabo Basics 60 CUN up++++ The Intelligence Agency of Suigen clan, Kanabo, accept new apprentices. Join them to improve your abilities and intuition!
水玄流術指南 Suigen-style Teaching 50 COM up++
KNOW up++
Learn and adapt the way of Suigen clan. Since Suigen-style specializes in water techniques, it's naturally done in swimsuits. However, males and females train separately, so the guys often complain about it.
多木流術指南 Taki-style Teaching 50 COM up++
KNOW up++
Learn and adapt the way of Taki clan.
One is able to become a proper shinobi with this course.
風花流術指南 Fuka-style Teaching 50 CUN up+++ Learn and adapt the way of Fuka clan.
Training specialized for females and emphasized in lady-like attitudes. However, it's not limited only to females.
夜月流術指南 Yazuki-style Teaching 50 TECH up++
KNOW up++
Learn and adapt the way of Yazuki clan.
It focuses more on enhancing knowledge and craftiness than boosting physical fitness.
紅刃流術指南 Kureha-style Teaching 50 WILL up+++ Learn and adapt the way of Kureha clan.
It focuses on willpower trainings. Quite tiresome.
降魔流術指南 Kouma-style Teaching 50 TECH up++
WILL up++
Learn and adapt the way of Kouma clan.
It focuses on illusion techniques, so good they look like magics. However, there most be some sort of tricks behind them!
時倉流術指南 Tokikura-style Teaching 50 STR up++
WILL up++
Learn and adapt the way of Tokikura clan.
If anything, this is more of a fisherman training.
鳴子流術指南 Naruko-style Teaching 50 STR up+++ Learn and adapt the way of Naruko clan.
It focuses on imitating animal voices for reasons unknown.
十馬流術指南 Touma-style Teaching 50 STR up++
COM up++
Learn and adapt the way of Touma clan.
It specializes in skills required to observe people and their complex relations with the groups they are affiliated with.
鎖扇流術指南 Kusariogi-style Teaching 50 COM up+++ Learn and adapt the way of Kusariogi clan.
It seems to specialize in utilizing armors and strengthening physical endurance.
平子流術指南 Hirako-style Teaching 50 KNOW up++
CUN up++
Learn and adapt the way of Hirako clan.
It focuses at learning proper attitudes toward opposite sex as it's essential for shinobi.