Below is a list of characters from Wizard's Climber. Characters are categorized per how they associate themselves with the protagonist, Lazlocke.

Main Character Edit

Celestine Rococo Edit

☆ Wizard's Climber Character ☆
Celes mini
Celestine Rococo [セリスティーネ ロココ]
CV: Oonami Konami
Celes is the only daughter of the once-prestigious Rococo family. Due to her lack of magical talents, she got treated horribly by her relatives, which led to her expulsion following her father's death. After finding out that her father was assassinated by the current family-head, she aspires to be the greatest wizard to regain her family.

Supporting Characters Edit

Elle Bluetact Edit

☆ Wizard's Climber Character ☆
Elle mini
Elle Bluetact [イエル ブルータクト]
CV: Udaka Naru
Celes' rival who also happens to be the apprentice of the Royal Wizard, Viola Entra. Elle's family is among the wealthiest merchants within the country, which contributes to her good upbringing. Dislikes boiled broccoli.

Viola Entra Edit

☆ Wizard's Climber Character ☆
Viola mini
Viola Entra [ヴィオラ エントラ]
CV: Kaibara Elena
Viola is one of the Queensberg's Royal Wizards. She admires Lazlocke because of his dedication and conducts, specifically in regard to how he treats Viola normally even though he is aware of Viola's notorious merciless nature. Inspired by Lazlocke taking Celes as his apprentice, Viola also took Elle under her wings.

Soshiette Edit

☆ Wizard's Climber Character ☆
Soshiette mini
Soshiette [ソシエット]
CV: Chatani Yasura
While her appearance is that of a maid, Soshiette is actually a wizard of the Association; with her specialty being able to use spells that enhance her physical capabilities, which makes her very proficient in combats. Due to her skills, she is chosen as the one responsible in Celes' physical trainings agenda. Cannot cook. Dislikes carrots.

Rune Edit

☆ Wizard's Climber Character ☆
Rune mini
Rune Villatoro [ルーン ヴィレアトロ]
CV: Sakura Hadzuki
Another Royal Wizard from the Association. Rune is the teacher of Lazlocke and Viola.

Others Edit

Judgeman Edit

☆ Wizard's Climber Character ☆
Judgeman mini
Judgeman [ジャッジマン]
CV: Ichijou Hikaru
A man with mysterious background. His role is to be the judge of magic tournaments. Even though he is said to be a wizard, he never really displayed any of his magics throughout the story.

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