As Wizard's Climber is essentially about raising, proper skill build is naturally one of the most important factors that determine your chance to clear all in-game challenges and win the Grand Tournament.

Skills are divided by three categories: physical, magic, and miscellaneous.

It's encouraged to stick with hybrid build since while developing a specialty, either physical or magical, does sound tempting, there are just too many kind of enemies with unique resistance parameters and skill-sets in-game, which will automatically make a living hell out of one-dimensional approach.

Physical (肉体) Edit

Combat (格闘) Edit

Weapon (武器) Edit

Ranged Weapon (遠武) Edit

Special Weapon (特武) Edit

Magic (魔基) Edit

Fire Magics (火魔) Edit

Water Magics (水魔) Edit

Wind Magics (風魔) Edit

Earth Magics (土魔) Edit

Lightning Magics (雷魔) Edit

Dark Magics (闇魔) Edit

Light Magics (光魔) Edit

Miscellaneous Edit

Adventuring (冒険) Edit

General (一般) Edit