For the next 3 years, you will learn how to manage an inn along with its employees. Gain positive reputation to attract more visitors and tourists, which will also help improving the quality of life in the nearby village. There are money to be made, customers to satisfy, and bonds to develop. It is all in your hands.

Basic Gameplay Edit

As stated before, Yukioniya Onsenki is all about management. You, as the player, need to take over and carry the hot spring-inn to prosperity. There are many things to look for in order to complete the primary objective, ranging from managing employees to holding events for customers to enjoy.

General Tips Edit

Below is a list of general tips. Please keep in mind that these points don't always have to dictate your approach on the game. Being able to read situations and adapt is highly encouraged.

  • Save in each turn. If you are lucky, you can change the minus monthly income into positive just by reloading.

  • Installing souvenir shops near the entrance is said to increase monthly income.

  • Employees are very important the inn's success. If you have enough money to spend on their well-being, like tending to their health and add more facilities that support them, you should consider to focus at your workers once in a while.

    • Alternatively, you could also modify how you treat your employees in the Rules section. If you are willing to sacrifice some incomes, you might want to reduce the price of stuffs that your employees can buy to increase their motivation.